The Japan Cutting & Wear-resistant Tool Association (JTA) was established on June 3, 2015, and resulted from a merger of the two tool associations: the Japan Solid Cutting Tools' Association and the Japan Cemented Carbide Tool Manufacturer's Association.
As the nation's largest association for machine tools essential to manufacturing, the JTA aims to provide useful information for not only the domestic but also the international machine tool industry, backed by JTA members' efforts to develop products and production engineering and improve product quality through competition. Another mission of the JTA is to enhance the activities so that the members can be proud to be a part of the association.
JTA members have been building their relationship based on trust and respect with one another, adhering closely to compliance rules and having their pride as Japanese companies. The JTA is stepping up efforts to strengthen members' international presence. We thank you for your understanding of and support for our activities.